The Company

Ambassador Medical has a long history of helping their customers by acquiring and selling pre-owned ultrasound system and parts.

A division of GE Healthcare since 2002, Ambassador Medical continues its mission by building long lasting relationships and providing access to quality ultrasound refurbished equipment. We have a vast array of dedicated professionals who will stand behind your system before, during and after your purchase.

Our Process

Ambassador Medical has a stringent refurbishment process for preowned GE ultrasound systems and this process helps provide equipment in excellent condition.

Receiving and Inspection

  • Transducers and systems are disinfected.
  • Diagnostics are run, all modes are tested and all mechanical operations are verified.
  • Patient data is removed from the hard drive

Refurbish Station 1

  • Diagnostics are tested a second time.
  • Field Modification Instruction (FMI) status is checked and installed, if required.
  • All modes are tested for functionality and all mechanical operations are verified.
  • Software is reloaded. 

Refurbish Station 2

  • Components are separated and completely cleaned.
  • Parts are repainted in a sophisticated computer-matching paint booth.
  • Any failures are repaired. 

Refurbish Station 3

  • Equipment is reassembled
  • The electrical system is tested.
  • Peripherals and hardware options are installed.

Final Test Station

  • Ultrasound undergoes full functional and diagnostics testing.
  • Insite* is configured, if applicable.


  • System is configured specifically to your order.
  • Probes are added.
  • eDHR (electronic Device History Record) documents are loaded and verified. 

Final System Verification

  • QA technician conducts QA review.
  • Independent team conducts DHR review.

What Makes Ambassador Different

Take advantage of the benefits of making Ambassador Medical your preowned ultrasound provider:

Customer service

  • Get support for your ultrasound questions from our knowledgeable and accessible team in your area.
  • Enjoy the support of GE Healthcare and its extensive technical resources.

Preferred Member Status

  • Achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum status based on purchases in a rolling six-month period.
  • Get access to a special website portal for members-only specials.
  • Receive generous payment terms.
  • Get a discount on all purchases made within a quarter, provided your account is current.


  • Work with a staff that maintains a strong focus and commitment to quality.
  • We operate a Quality Management System certified by the International Standard for Organization (ISO 13485:2003)   

Turnkey Service

  • One source performs every service you need, from refurbishing and testing to delivery and follow-up support.
  • Our dedicated parts sales team ensures that you keep doing what you do best: provide excellent patient care.
  • Get your applications questions answered quickly by our dedicated technical support team.

Product Availability

  • Choose from a diverse inventory, from current products to affordable options up to 10 years old.
  • Customize the software, transducers and peripherals to meet your imaging needs.
  • Contact your sales representative for a list of preowned third-party products.

Leasing Options

  • Get flexible financing that works for you from GE Capital or our approved third-party provider.