Amazing accuracy leads to amazing outcomes.

Amazing IQ

Amazing Image Quality Featuring Innovative B-Steer + Needle Recognition

  • Get high-resolution soft tissue imaging.
  • CrossXBeam* helps you clearly see anatomical detail.
  • AutoClarity Suite provides easy image optimization at the touch of a button.
  • B-Color provides easy differentiation between soft tissue and fascial planes or interfaces.
    • Select color tints to apply to the gray scale image.
  • Raw Data offers enhanced flexibility.
    • Manipulate stored images, add annotations, measure and optimize images – even after the procedure.
    • Suitable for deep dive understanding and image refinement after acquisition.
  • LOGIQ* View offers panoramic imaging.
    • See up to 60 cm for ligaments, tendons and muscles in long axis for additional anatomy in one view.
    • Simultaneous Split Screen lets you compare saved reference images to real-time scanning images. 


Data Management helps you work efficiently.

  • Enjoy easy documentation with either a wired or wireless network.
  • QuickSave stores  DICOM**1 images and reports to a USB device or a network shared folder for attaching to EMR.
  • Transfer DICOM images seamlessly to PACS.
  • Print easily on a cart printer or HP-supported network printer.
  • Pick patient from a pre-scheduled DICOM Worklist and scan.


  • Gives you the power to scan a specific area and reconstruct 3D volumetric images.
  • Review and construct any plane or combination of planes within the acquired volume, including the coronal planes.

1. Requires optional DICOM license

Ease of Use

Automatic – when time is of the essence

  • The system comes with expertly optimized image settings.
  • Auto Optimize helps you quickly adjust image quality with the touch of one button.

Personalize – it’s easy, and the choice is yours

  • You have the flexibility to fine-tune the image across all modes and save your settings.
  • Create up to eight of your own default settings by anatomy, procedure or physician.
  • Select only the capabilities you need for your clinic or facility.

Get the power of portability.

  • Choose from two ergonomic, height-adjustable carts.
  • Portable docking station provides three probe connections.
  • Streamlined cart fits into tight spaces, with locking drawer for secure storage. 


Maximize your possibilities with full support and services.

  • Dedicated service team
  • InSite* ExC directly connects GE Healthcare devices and their users to Live Assist clinical applications and technical support experts.
  • Training programs and workshop support.
  • Wide range of accessories and supplies.
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Clinical Specialties


With our clear superficial imaging, you can visualize inflammation, small vessels, bone erosions and needle placements.

  • Designed with rheumatologists, sports medicine, physiatrists, orthopedics and podiatrists in mind
  • Perform a wide range of procedures on a broad spectrum of patients, including:
    • Musculoskeletal diagnostics
    • Disease management (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • On-board learning modules for easy learning and ongoing use
  • Follow-up Tool for patient management and workflow
  • 3D imaging
  • Help diagnose synovitis and evaluate a patient’s response to therapy over time
  • View and quantify inflammation for early diagnosis and help analyze treatment options  

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Gain freedom and clarity in the way you use ultrasound for acute and chronic pain management.

  • Designed with anesthesiologists, pain management practitioners and CRNAs in mind
  • Perform a wide range of procedures on a broad spectrum of patients, including:
    • Superficial to deep regional nerve blocks 
    • Pain injections
    • Vascular access
  • Variety of probes for superficial and deep anatomical targets
  • Auto-optimization and anesthesia-specific presets
  • System has a small physical footprint to easily fit where you need it

Emergency and Critical Care

Helps you quickly identify life-threatening situations and accelerate care plans with this robust system. Automated features help you optimize image quality at the touch of a button, helping you achieve fast diagnosis and treatment.

  • Designed with EM physicians, field/military doctors, pulmonologists, intensivists, hospitalists and PICC Team RNs in mind
  • Perform a wide range of procedures on a broad spectrum of patients, including:
    • FAST scan
    • Vascular access
    • Nerve blocks
    • Cardiac assessment
    • Abdominal assessment
    • OB/GYN assessment
  • Broad bandwidth probes for large or hard-to-scan patients
  • System has a small physical footprint to fit where you need it
  • Docking Cart Solution with storage for a variety of probes
  • Quick boot-up and simple operation help with fast response in time-critical situations


  • Manage the complexities of superficial imaging, deep imaging and needle-guided procedures – including fine needle aspirations, biopsies and vascular access procedures.
  • Designed with breast surgeons, endocrinologists, ENTs, vascular surgeons and vascular access in mind
  • Perform a wide range of procedures on a broad spectrum of patients, including:
    • Diagnostics
    • Needle guidance in biopsies, aspirations and ablations
  • Simple operation for easy learning and continued use
  • Needle Recognition for enhanced needle tip visualization without blooming
  • System has a small physical footprint to fit where you need it
  • Variety of probes for a wide range of exams
  • Broad bandwidth probes for large or hard-to-scan patients


Education & Training