The quick look that may strengthen your clinical confidence, aids in speedy diagnosis, and deepens the patient connection.

Vscan is a handheld, pocket-sized visualization tool powered by ultrasound technology that enables you to visually inspect the inside of your patient’s body during a physical exam. By providing real-time black and white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images at the touch of a button, Vscan may help you:

  • Enhance the physical exam by looking inside your patients non-invasively with ease.
  • Inspect organ function and help make diagnoses quickly and confidently.
  • Connect more deeply with your patients for quality care

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Vscan handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound tool in its docking station 


Visualization capabilities for an improved workflow

Vscan high-quality imaging is indicated for abdominal, urological, cardiac, obstetric and pediatric scanning – helping you provide more efficient patient care with fewer referrals.

In-your-pocket portability for imaging at the point of care

Small and lightweight, Vscan can travel with you—from patient to patient—within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.

Ease of use

With a one-hand user interface, Vscan is intuitive to use—making for straightforward implementation into your patient care routine.

Functionality that fits your needs

Ample battery capacity means you can count on Vscan for patient scans during your busy day—a single charge provides up to one hour of continuous scanning. 

Vscan for Prenatal Care

Innovative hand held visualization device.

Vscan is an innovative pocket sized ultrasound which allows obstetricians a "quick look" to provide helpful information during office visits or in labor and delivery. 

These are just some of the ways Vscan can help you in your practice:

GE Healthcare Vscan for Prenatal Care
GE Healthcare Vscan for Prenatal Care
GE Healthcare Vscan for Prenatal Care

Enhance patient experience
during office visits.

Check fetal heart beat during labor.

Monitor fetal position during labor.


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