Powerful and portable imaging

You need an ultrasound system that provides comprehensive, clear information and is readily available to assist you in making pivotal, patient care decisions. Voluson* e can help. This compact, portable ultrasound system goes with you to your patient to help deliver exceptional 2D and 3D image quality in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, and Labor and Delivery applications.

And, it is packed with smart features and technologies to help you streamline your workflow, and realize excellent efficiency and productivity.

Image Quality

Clarity and clinical confidence

With Voluson e’s help, you can distinguish the tiny structures with stunning clarity, confidently evaluate gynecologic and fetal images, and detect abnormalities early. Voluson e gives you extraordinary vision through advanced technologies, including:

  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeamCRI* for enhanced speckle reduction, contrast resolution and image clarity.
  • HD-Flow* to help achieve a more sensitive vascular study and to help reduce overwriting.
  • High Definition Zoom (HD-Zoom) to help define the area of interest for high-resolution magnification.
  • Advanced Voluson transducers help you create exceptional 2D and 3D/4D image quality and help meet a variety of clinical needs.
Voluson clinician with patient.

Ease of Use

Innovations to ease your workday.

Smart, easy-to-use, workflow innovations help you:

  • Enhance image analysis.
    • 3D/4D volume tools help improve efficiency, image manipulation and analysis.
    • Beta View allows the user to steer the scan plane to any oblique direction, which can result in less manipulation of the transducer and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Connectivity for scanning on the go.
    • SmartNetwork connectivity lets you easily save different network profiles.
    • Wireless capabilities enhance information management and reporting.    


Compact and comfortable.

The lightweight, compact Voluson e has many features and options to help you scan and travel in comfort :

  • Intuitive keyboard and easy-to-learn tools
  • At just a little over 10 pounds, the Voluson is lightweight and easy to transport
    • Voluson Station gives you the freedom to go from a compact to a cart-based system anytime. It also has an optional patient monitor to help improve patient experience. Learn More.
    • GoPack provides simple, secure transport of your system and transducers.
Voluson i.

Clinical Areas

Extraordinary care for your patients.

Voluson*e is well suited to provide excellent imaging performance in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, and Labor and Delivery. This compact, versatile ultrasound system allows you to easily and efficiently integrate ultrasound into your clinical settings—and helps you provide extraordinary care for your patients.


Education & Training

Knowledge. Power. Confidence.

GE Healthcare has developed many educational programs and ongoing learning opportunities to help you maximize the use of your Voluson. Learn more.


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